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The Order of Isaios

After The Third Battle at Nereb Madgulu arose The Order of Isaios.  A Knighthood built upon this moment in time when a few stood against many in defense of those unable to protect themselves from the onslaught of murderous minds.  Aware of certain death they fought to the last man in the hopes to buy life for others.  From the blood of this sacrifice the roots of The Order of Isaios has grown.  

This organization endeavors to strike balance between Light and Dark so that the common man may find a place in which to breath.  To aid those caught under the pressure of colliding forces, securing a path to a place of peace.  A peace the Order of Isaios is determined to establish
with strong backs, steady hands and calm minds. 

Believing that strength comes from organization The Order of Isaios is highly structured holding with in itself many positions to manage the numerous elements that this evolving body is comprised of.   Stemming from one leader the directions, priorities and course of actions are set,
delegated to the proper position to accomplish.  

The Order of Isaios will utilize the tools of  Diplomacy, Military and Trade to secure it's community in these lands.  Always willing to work upon ways to improve upon any understandings, fellowships and developments with other groups be it lonewolfs, small clans or large empires.
Courageous enough to stand upon the line to those that choose to be a threat. 

Often referred to as The Third for their use of the number Three as their symbol upon their flags and shields, rumors hint at the importance of this number as to the third battle of Nereb Madgulu. Some claim it was the number of hacks it took a Risar Berserker to behead Isaios while others believe it points to the underlying foundation of the order.  They who know won't say.

Curious about the things that lay outside of this realm of existence The Order of Isaios spends much effort in researching old rituals and forgotten gods.  It seeks out lore and relics in the hope to one day understand how it all became to be and to where it will all go.  Calling on both light and dark the order walks a dangerous path as it moves to enlightenment. 

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